Thursday, November 27, 2014


“In less than six months, we saw a decrease in violations of 93 percent”

-Sgt. David Bobo, Moline Acres Police Department


“This area in front of the Middle School had been worrisome to the community for years, and finally, with the help of the MVST system, we are able to enforce the speed limit consistently to keep our children and residents safe.”

-Former Chief Robert Schrader, St. Ann Police Department


“The MVST system supports police officers in reducing vehicle accidents while increasing public and police officer safety. Officers can be deployed to other important policing duties and community assignments.”

-Chief Clifton Ware, Country Club Hills Police Department


“We use B&W Sensors’ mobile trailer and have had great success with slowing speeders. In one location we saw an 89 percent decrease in speeding in just five months.”

-Chief Herb Simmons, Hillsdale Police Department

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